Clarice Cliff Ceramics

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clarice cliff

This week, now after the Christmas break, I’ve had a chance to go to the first auction – in Lostwithiel. As usual, the collection did not disappoint, with the most delicious selection of an English Pewter, oriental furniture, fantastic ceramics and even an original poster from the movie ‘Some Like It Hot’. The one thing that caught my eye was Clarice Cliff’s beautiful Tea set. Clarice Cliff is very collectable and sought after right now, with geometric designs and strong colours. The Art Deco designs are very in right now, in my opinion, and this exactly fits in the trend. Although Clarice Cliff herself lived and created in the first half of the XXth century, which is well after the Art Deco trend, it is bearing it’s influence. The single pieces can fetch 3-figure sums, when sold in the right place. Not to mention, that when it sells for big sums, it means that acquiring it could hit your pocket as well. But if you have a Clarice Cliff already in your possesion and want to sell for the profit, now is the perfect time.


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