Rustic Upcycled Coat Hanger

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I’m on the up cycling quest right now, and changing the decor around the house, one tiny step at the time. Right now my focus is on the room downstairs, which is our dumping ground at the moment, but at the same time it’s also the first thing you see as you enter the house, as it’s located just by the front door. So here we go. First and foremost deal with the jackets and dog leads lying on a various other things, since the old coat rack has broken. As with my up cycling business I encourage to recycle old items instead of buying new ones, I decided it is the time for me to apply this rule right now. I have got an old piece of wood, which I have painted first with Laura Ashley acrylic paint in buttermilk, and once it was dry I have applied a layer of a grey shade. I have worked my brush quite unevenly to achieve rustic shabby chic style I love so much. After both layers have been applied, I have distressed the top grey layer of paint to reveal the buttermilk under layer. With my old but so dependable belt sander I have distressed the top layer and the edges to show the natural rustic wood. After finished, I have fixed few old loose drawer pulls and hooks, that have been lying in my tool box forever. I didn’t want to buy new set of matching hooks (although the coat rack would look soooo much better) as I wanted to upcycle all the loose bits I have had always here. So I went for the mixture of hooks and pulls, and located them unevenly to get this rustic look. The coat hanger is already fixed to the wall in is working so well, I’m very happy 😉


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