Oriental Vintage Handbag with Drawstrings – True Auction Gem!

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I love auctions. Household or collectibles, they’re a real treasure ground. Sometimes there’s so many lots and delicious rare mixture of items, it’s hard to gather all in one go. But it’s a gamble and taking the risks is exciting. I do love mixed lots, as it’s never guaranteed what hides in there.
Last night at the household auction, among other items, I found this gorgeous Arabic Leather Vintage Handbag with Drawstrings. It comes with little tassel on each handle and pretty ‘La Caravane’ Camel Caravan print detail around the base. This retro bucket handbag has got round reinforced base and drawstring opening. It’s made from delicious shade of soft leather, and you cannot deny the authenticity of this product, and you know it was hand made in some hot oriental place 😉

You can buy this Vintage Bucket Handbag now:


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