Getting Organized is To Believe There is Enough Hours in a Day

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Fitting all you need to do in one day is a challenge, especially if you are a woman, working, taking care of a home, cooking and following your hobbies. I do not mean men do not find this challenge difficult, yet it would be impossible for me to speak for men. Personally sometimes I find it dis-heartening when me and my partner both work similar hours a day, yet it is me cleaning and cooking too. But that’s not what I wanted to write about here… I don’t want to spend my weeks working or waiting to get to work, with identical days passing by. I do love blogging, knitting, browsing on ebay, dancing, upcycling the furniture and still want to have a dinner on a table each day and a clean house. When I started working more each day, it was really difficult to find the time (or shall I say a will) after work to cook a dinner alone, not to mention doing anything else! But then I realised each day I end up sitting on the sofa and spending loads of time checking Facebook, Pinterest etc. instead of doing something more worthy with this time. So now I try to spend each hour filling it with productive creative tasks, even if it means pushing myself a little bit. It’s really worth it, and it’s surprising sometimes, once you decide to do more with your time, how much you have managed to fit in a day đŸ™‚


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