Rosewood Reproduction Spinning Chair

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I love browsing the car boot sales and household sales, there is often little gem hiding, waiting for you to discover it. It is sometimes difficult to see if the item is a real thing or just a reproduction. I think the best way, for the collector, is just to specialise in one field and then research the items you’re interested in, to know what kind of specific features to look for to spot the ‘real thing’ 🙂
Last Saturday, as soon as I arrived at our local car boot sale (oh, and be there early!) I knew I won’t leave empty handed… First thing I’ve spotted was this gorgeous Flemish Child’s Spinning Chair. It is made out of beautifully carved Rosewood, such a rare wood to find! That’s what makes it really special, the magnificent shape, the sophisticated kind of wood, and the fact it’s a spinning chair, a type that is highly collectible. There is also plenty of buyers who collect the Child’s Chairs, as completely separate market sector. All these things make it a rather tasty find, I admit, and I was over the moon to find it. One thing that is notably non-antique is rather modern faux leather padding on the seating and the backrest. Yes, it is made out of vintage faux leather, secured with metal studs. Yep, it’s rather pretty reproduction spinning chair, and it dates only back to 1970s. It is still vintage chair, 40 years old, yet if it was an original Antique Spinning Chair, in a mint condition as this one, it would be worth good few hundreds of pounds. As a reproduction, it could sell for £50, which is still rather good, considering that you pay for absolutely gorgeous, and decorative bedroom or hall chair. You can create most magical manor house interior decor for a fraction of price, and achieve unique and quirky castle cottage chic with this little Rosewood Spinning Chair!


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