Keeping Up With The Full Time Work World

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It’s been a full working day for me at the auction today, just like for the regular full time working folk. Driving in the rush hour in the morning and then getting back home in the rush hour in the afternoon. I’m glad in the way, because for a long time I haven’t given my furniture business the priority. Now, with so many hours each day spent working, I can honestly say it’s my primary job. And it feels good, it’s challenging and rewarding job. The auction, like the one this morning is a fantastic place to find the most quirky vintage furniture and collectibles, at very accessible prices. I’ve got the inclining that the mid-century furniture, lamps and house decor are now the most sought after, with the painted shabby chic furniture declining slowly in demand. I am learning so much every day about the collectibles market and vintage furniture, just to be ready when the right item comes along. So far, most of the time it’s been the luck of the draw, but now, I would love to be making the informed decision when it comes to buying new stock. Of course, the primary focus for me is still the furniture, with pine dining tables and chest of drawers proving to be the most in demand right now. I have discovered, currently Pine and Light Oak furniture is the most popular, in opposition to 1990s dark wood furniture and home decor. And it’s just perfect, as I do love Pine, as well as Oak, Bamboo and Rattan, especially in the vintage rustic look 🙂


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