Photoshoot Day – Ducal Extendable Pine Dining Table

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Photoshoot Day - Ducal Extendable Pine Dining Table

Taking photos of the new stock has been a little more challenging than usual this morning, I have to say. The Ducal Pine Dining Table that I needed to photograph, turned out to be extremely heavy (and just the top, after dismantling the legs was too heavy for me), and I needed my partner’s van to move it to the storage unit. There, we took it out, and spent some time attaching the legs with the washers and bolts. Then we had to lift it and put it upright, it’s surprising, how heavy this table is. But it’s a good quality Pine, this extendable dining table is made by british company, Ducal, who has been renowned for manufacturing hardwearing good quality pine furniture.
After the table was up, I managed to wash it quickly and take the photos, first at standard length, and then we inserted the additional leaves and here we go, more photos to come. When finished, we managed to put it on one side again, and dis-assemble the legs. Then we carried it in to the storage unit, and my partner had to go to work. I stayed to take few photos of other new arrivals, like the pine cabinet with a glass door and new Art Deco mahogany gateleg table. And all this before myself had to go to work, uff, but I really did like it, nothing gives me more energy than being super busy and having plenty of tasks to fit in a day 🙂

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