Moroccan Style Moorish Brass Folding Table

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The Orient culture bears some kind of set looks and expectations, like love of strong and bold colours, including magenta, purple, yellow, shimmering golden thread, sequins and rich ornaments. For me it was always completely different world and different values, yet lately it has began to change. Since our trip to Sri Lanka, I really do love all the Asian and Indian look. The Moroccan look, as I like refer to it, in interior design, is full of satin cushion covers, golden tassels, scented sticks and oils, sandalwood fragrance, Bombay mix, moorish brass trays and rich ornamentation. Therefore I could not help myself but fall for this Indian Moorish Brass folding table, with the top being taken off easily and legs folded. I can see it sitting next to the aubergine sofa with a golden throw, plenty of cushions in rich yellow, plum and pink colours, and next to candle lanterns, oil lamp and large elephant sculpture. It’s such an ornamental style, full of fragrances, rich and bold, and I absolutely love it right now 😉

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