Victorian Pembroke Table – Appreciating the Beauty of a Rustic Wood

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Victorian Pembroke Table - Appreciating the Beauty of a Rustic Wood

You can show me the finest examples of painted upcycled furniture, and although I do love some of these pieces, there’s nothing more superior for me that the natural beauty of rustic wood. The nature worked very hard to create magnificent shadings of the wood, it’s a real shame to cover it with paint! When you consider that the oak grows 200 years before it’s ready to be made into furniture, you appreciate this wood. For me, the vintage oak furniture, with the signs of wear and patination is the most beautiful. So when I saw this 19th century Victorian Pembroke Table at today’s auction, I knew it’s really unique. The top isn’t perfectly smooth, there are lines showing the hand work of the person creating the table. It tells you a story, even the little discolouration on the top adds an interest, like a little wrinkle, that hides a story of a frown or a smile. It’s truly beautiful, and this antique oak drop leaf table will make the most stunning feature in the rustic farmhouse kitchen, especially when it’s teamed with contrasting neon bright cushions on the country cottage chairs. It really works, and when the rustic patinated wood is set against the modern clean fresh colours, the effect is truly striking!


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