Create Rustic Decor with 19th Century Victorian Pembroke Table!

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Create Rustic Decor with 19th Century Victorian Pembroke Table!

You love the period charm of a country cottage or a barn conversion? The little iron lanterns, exposed beams, cosy arm chairs by the fire, tartan blankets and wicker baskets? It’s the heritage english look, which was born on a country estate, amongst the hunting lodges and foxes as your nearest neighbours… Natural excuisite beauty of all that’s natural, from the rustic wooden furniture, exposed stone floors, rustic fabrics and home grown food. You can create this look at your home by collecting the wire fruit baskets with wicker details, vintage oil lamps, adding few heritage cushions to your sofa, period wall hangings etc. When it comes to the furniture, you should opt for the vintage or antique wooden pieces, which have been left unpainted, exposing the rustic look of the wood. The wood is one of the materials, that looks better with age, as the years add a distinctive charm to wooden tables, chairs and wardrobes. That’s why antique pieces are often more expensive than new furniture! That also means, that if the piece survived last 100 years looking stunning, it will last for another 100, so you’re investing in something you won’t have to replace in a long time, if ever!
Take this 19th century late Victorian Pembroke Table with drop leaf sides. The top is beautifully treated by the hands of time, it comes with the antique charm of a weathered piece. Beautiful shading of oak and rustic finish to the wood add plenty of period charm to this drop leaf table. This Pembroke Table will be the most stunning addition to your farmhouse kitchen, try it with the natural iron frame chairs, faux cowhide cushions and rustic tableware!

Buy this Victorian pembroke Table now:

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