Create Rustic Summer Decor for Your Vintage Table!

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Create Rustic Summer Decor for Your Vintage Table!

Having tastefully arranged dining table is an art itself, I love scrolling through the images of seasonal tableware, with the ideas on how to create Christmas or wedding decorated table – some of them look truly stunning, and such table will make a lasting impression on your guests. Sometimes the simpler decor the better, especially if you want to get a rustic feel, with the understated yet gripping effect. Natural linen fabrics, pastel napkins, bare wood table top (don’t cover it to create laid-back outdoorsy feel), cream or dusky pink natural flowers and that’s it – the simpler the better! Try to go with plain dining sets, tables and cups, delicate printed napkins, maybe with flower or dot designs, something in very natural shades, as beige – white or cream – light blue combinations. Stick to cooler shades in the summer, and leave strong warm colours for the Winter time, when you want to create earthy cosy atmosphere. Rustic dining tables, like our Pembroke Drop Leaf Table look stunning with the minimal decor, simply bare essentials, a plate and a napkin, cutlery and a glass of cold summer drink – let this table speak for itself and make an impression on the diners!

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