Mixing Dining Chairs Together – What’s the Secret?

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Mixing Dining Chairs Together - What's the Secret?

Mixing different style dining chairs together – a subtle touch of interest and sophistication to your room. If done correctly, it will bring you magnificent and quirky look, but if overdone- well, it can easy look a bit messy… So what’s the secret of mixing different style chairs together at one dining table? They all need to have something in common, either all have similar theme – industrial, Windsor style, stool, painted etc – or a common detail. In the image above, we can see all the chairs are made out of similar shade of wood, and it also matches the table. Now, if you added a pine chair – even in a similar style, it will look odd. But how about adding similar stained oak dining chair, but with Aztec print cushion? Now we’re talking, heaps of sophistication await!
The same goes with modern plastic chairs. I love seeing retro 1960s dining chairs in Eames style, set together with rustic dining tables, two different worlds in the furniture universe, yet they somehow work, complimenting each other styles. With this kind of chairs, you could mix different colours – red, white, black, green – still sticking to 1960s retro theme, and achieve stunning effect!
It’s good to be brave in interior design, and try something different to get out of your comfort zone – and discover a fresh fabulous look for your home!


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