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So the dreaded thing happened… My ever lasting Black & Decker palm sander has broken down yesterday… It’s been really old, and it looked battered, but it outlived two other brand new sanders, and was doing great.

So far so good it has been till yesterday. Suddenly it screached, sparked and started making funny noises in the motor, while not turning the bit with the sand paper. It has broken just as I started to work on new Pine Revolving Bookcase… Needless to say, I had to go back to basics and sand almost all of the bookcase by hand – using small bits of coarse sand paper. Luckily there was no stubborn lacquer finish to speak of, as the pine has been left almost bare for a rustic look. So it has been quite an easy process.

Sanding down removed all the dirt and dust built up over the years and smoothed out the shadings of the wood.
After that, I have washed down the surface to get rid off all the dust from sanding down. In that moment I could smell this gorgeous aroma of the natural fresh pine… So simple, so pure and irresistible… I bsolutely love it.

Now when finished, all it needs is a layer of natural beeswax polish and a buffing to add a delicate sheen. I could not possibly apply anything that could change this pure rustic finish, natural beeswax will leave the pine in rustic style as it is, while still adding needed protection and care.


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