There Is Life Outside Internet…

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So guess what… I have recently moved to the new location, and had to sort out brand new phone and broadband connection for the new place. With the internet business, it was so important to me, of course! Unfortunately I have picked up the wrong company, which they failed to connect my broadband for a number of days. So after many hours on the phone, I have managed to cancel the service (still waiting for my money back), and went with trusted BT. But, as I do like them, they did not manage to connect the service for some time. So in the end, I have spent the first three weeks on the new place with no internet (also, practically no TV, washing machine or a cooker, but it’s a different story!).

What I would like to say, is that, as much as I love Internet, and am addicted, I had the time to discover there are other things to do beside being by the computer screen. My dog definitely was happy, as were taking plenty of long walks around the area, and exploring new home. I was working outdoors, with other people, which got me out of the house. I also had to be more creative in the ways I was selling my items (not only internet, but also car boot sales, fairs etc.) and also felt back on my other line of making money, which is housekeeping.

Overall, as the Monty Python boys said, Adapt, Adopt and Improve… 😉

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