Dolly Parton ‘Jolene’ My Current Obsession

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I’m currently slightly obsessed with Dolly Parton’s song ‘Jolene’ – since I have seen her perform on tv on Glastonbury this year. Dolly said she was inspired to write it when her husband got ‘close’ with another woman – said Jolene. So she wanting to fight for him, wrote this song… But what is really touching, is that she doesn’t scream obscenities, she isn’t angry on any of them. She tries to understand both parties, and actually she starts the song by listing the beauty of Jolene. As she is so beautiful, her skin fair and her laughter so clear, she cannot compete with her, and she even understands why her husband can be crazy over her. Then she continues the song by speaking softly to Jolene, begging her not to take her man, just because she can. Dolly is saying that her husband means a life to her, and she could never love again, while for Jolene he is just another lover, and she can enjoy plenty of other men… Dolly Parton opens up in this song, she is so vulnerable and treats Jolene as a friend, as someone who can understand her situation. She isn’t ready for a confrontation, she just softly begs, ending the appeal by saying: ‘My happines depends on you and what you will decide to do, Jolene…’

Beautiful, touching and really amazing… Dolly Parton, you are truly fascinating.



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