Extending Oak Kitchen Island – a Smart Idea for a Small Kitchen!

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kitchen cart1

Recently I have moved to the new house, it’s a lovely little cottage in Cornwall. The accent here is on ‘little’ of course. It was build last century to fit the needs of Cornish fishermen, so obviously it is not focused on being spacious and luxurious, just cosy and practical. It is a lovely place, and full of character. The only downside is the size of the kitchen work tops. They are absolutely tiny! Once I have placed the microwave, the kettle and utensils on top, there’s not enough room for anything else. So when I cook and have all the ingredients and spices handy on a display, I struggle to find a room to chop the veg or put a spoon or a pot cover on the side. It’s a juggle sometimes!


kitchen cart8

So getting this extending kitchen island was a really smart idea. It doesn’t take much room at all (it is really surprising how well it can fit in a small kitchen!), and once you open the leaf on the back you have the most amazing and spacious work top. The best thing is, that it’s on the castors, so you can roll it from place to place around the kitchen. From being extra work top while you cook the dinner, it will be the breakfast table in the morning and also handy spot to put your dishes after washing! I can’t imagine my kitchen without it now – I got extra space to roll the pastry, hang the tea towel, place the chopped onions on the side or move the hot pan out of the way – it’s an absolute treat!

You can get similar Light Oak Kitchen Island from our Etsy store now!
by Cherrie Hub


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