How To Hide Cables – No Need to Drill!

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I hate having cables on the display – it’s inevitable at some point, when you install the speakers or any other wired devices. Of course the cables are often quite thin and easy to disguise, but in my opinion there’s nothing worse than having nicely arranged interior with tasteful art and these thin cables, like old spiderwebs, hanging in the background, ugh…

hide cables1

So I came with an idea how to disguise those necessary cables – without the need of using any hammer and nails – after all, many of us live in the rented property – including myself. So I bought a strong Mammoth Selotape in Trago Mills. It’s clear, waterproof and it’s designated for DIY jobs around the house – so it’s stronger than the average packaging tape.

I have this surround system in my living room, so that the speakers need to be arranged on the walls around the room, which means the cables go from the speakers all over the room and connect to the device under the tv – don’t ask me the technical terms lol! It wasn’t pretty sight, after all.

hide cables2

So I have secured all the cables to the wall, just by the ceiling, with the Mammoth tape. I have worked using short pieces of tape – I found it easier to secure the cables in the place I wanted that way, instead of using one long piece of selotape at once.

Now the cables are soo beautifully disguised, I can only see them when I look for them, you cannot notice them at all when you are in the room – brilliant, job well done!
by Cherrie Hub


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