Singer Sewing Machines – how to establish their age?

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I’ve been selling Singer sewing machines for a while now, and people really like them. They are so incredibly reliable, really solid working machines. One of the oldest I’ve come across was made in 1919, in Scotland, and it has later been converted to be an electronic machine. When I plugged her in, and tested the foot pedal, and how smoothly it was running, I was really amazed. After all, it was almost 100 years old!

Now, with so much info available online, it is really easy to establish the age and other details of your Singer sewing machine. The first thing to check is the serial number, it will be placed somewhere on the base:

Singer Sewing machine serial number


Now, there are three types of the serial numbers:

  • one letter prefix
  • two letter prefix
  • no letter prefix at all (made from 1851 to 1899)

It is the first step to establish the age. This serial number contains information on the exact year, and often the place of manufacture. All you need now, is to go online and find more information, this is the website I often use:

Singer Sewing Machine Serial Number database

First you see is the list of all letter prefixes. Once you click on the one you need, you are taken to a further page to find the age of manufacture according to the numbers, and the model of the machine. It’s as easy as that!

If you want to find out even more information on your singer sewing machine, simply google the established singer’s model – for example the above serial number dated this machine to 1919, model 15K. If you then Google ‘Singer 15K’, you can find most fantastic variety of information, from the blog posts, reviews, video tutorials and more. It is truly astonishing how many people still use these machines for every day tasks, as they are renowned for their heavy duty abilities, sewing through layers of leather and denim.





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