Rustic Beginnings…

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Rustic Kitchen Chair


When I first started Cherrie Hub, it was more of an upcycling / restoration event, I hated the thought of throwing old furniture away, and always had a vision on how to update an old cabinet or a coffee table. I loved painting furniture, upholstering chairs and doing little decoupage – that’s how I discovered Mod Podge – absolutely genius product!

Then one day, I’ve come across most gorgous vintage oak kitchen dresser, which had fantastic carved details, arched top and some lovely mouldings. Yet it was painted with old brown glossy paint, the one you see so often on the furniture made in 1970s. So naturally first thing for me was to remove the paint and sand down the dresser. As soon as I stripped the paint, underneath was hiding most magnificent oak, with beautiful rustic appeal. I had no heart to paint it, so I left it bare, and simply applied one layer of beeswax polish. It sold it almost straight away, and that’s how I felt in love with natural wood rustic furniture. And this affair continuous to this day…

Rustic Gateleg Table

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