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Rustic Wall Clock


When I went to Sri Lanka, it was a real eye opener on how our cultures differ, the British and Indian. These people don’t complain, they really follow the Buddhist belief in taking any situation as it is. I really admired that, and I wish I could have this state of mind…

There were many fields where our attitudes clashed, or simply they were completely different, the dogs case was something quite apparent, as they do have many stray dogs, which I am aware is quite a common thing in developing countries. Bearing in mind how much we care for our pooches in UK, how much money we spend on their treats, outfits, vets, I suppose would be something unimagniable for Sri Lankans…

Also I have noticed the difference in how they dress, obviously, and style their homes. For people in Sri Lanka, the more jewelled and colourful look, the better. It was all about strong pink fabrics, yellow threads, sequins and gold. They couldn’t understand my twine bracelet or wooden jewellery, they used twines as a laundry line, or to make a fishing nets. It was so weird for them to think that someone would treat it as a decoration…

Now, back in England, we want to go back to nature, we desire rustic interiors, distressed furniture, we use twine to update an old lamp shade or a storage box. It’s coming back to basics, and getting away from the mixture of strong colours, and shimmer, which in our culture is considered as bit ‘cheap’ in interior design.

Sometimes, when I see rustic home decor (which I personally love), like this country cottage wall clock, I think, what would people in Sri Lanka make of it?
by Cherrie Hub

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