Robin Williams – a Smile that hides a Tragedy…

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Robin Williams has always been regarded as a confident, charismatic and absolutely genius comic. You had to laugh at his jokes, even if they were offensive, sometimes tasteless, but the way he told them, it just made it all hilarious. He had this magical screen presence, you just craved for more, you wanted to look at him, listen to him, or simply observe his expressions.

His face was always hiding something, it was this kind of mixture of tragedy and comedy. He could go from a big smile to a serious tormented expression in a split second. Even when he smiled, there was a deep hidden darker side. But of course nobody had a chance to know, as it wouldn’t be funny anymore… And he was a comic, made people laugh and he knew that’s what was expected of him. Nobody wanted to hear about him complaining on talk shows, talking about serious stuff, they just wanted to laugh…

If you ever watched a movie ‘One Hour Photo’ you could see other side of him, I think also quite true. A bit weird, lonesome guy who is craving having his own family, but he doesn’t pursuit it, he just wants to watch other people doing it. So, as he works in the photo studio, he can watch other people’s lives through the photos he develops. Of course, Robin Williams had his own family, but it was the only chance to see a different side of him, deeply troubled and misunderstood.

It’s probably more to that, and we might never find out the truth, and it’s just a shame the tabloids, being tabloids, don’t have a tiny bit of respect for the actor and his family, and continue to speculate what’s caused the death, by coming up with new stories, which probably half of them are false.

Robin Williams, you will forever be in our hearts, and we apologise for not understanding…

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