My Mojo is back.

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plymouth hoe

Ever since moving to Cornwall, I’ve been terribly sedated and withdrawn from life. I couldn’t organize myself to get on with any activity, and I’ve been slightly hiding from life. Before, I have lived in Plymouth, large city in Devon, and that was amazing. I love the big city hustle and bustle, sounds of the streets waking up to a new day, people slaloming between each other, and the sheer entertainment of the high street. I miss it.


Today, after two years, I had a chance to see it all again. I’ve attended the auction in Plymouth city centre, and I could walk through these streets again. What a treat! I felt like a life is being pumped into me again.

cafe latte

The crowds, the noises, the choice of the coffees, the girl in the leopard and platforms, the selection of diaries, the owl storage boxes, the blueberry cake on the Barbican, all that… It’s been like a rollercoaster ride, and my heart was pumping. Glorious experience, I missed it so much, Plymouth, thank you, and I’m sure I will be back for another visit soon!

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