The Art of Letting Go…

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Buying new stock for Cherrie Hub is very rewarding and exciting, I love browsing through quirky collections at the auctions. I always buy things I love, things I would put in my own house – if I had a bigger house! And it often happens, that some of the items I find so gorgeous, I instantly fall in love with them, and want to keep them. I especially love wrought iron pieces, and quirky little magazine racks.

Coastal Picture

Few weeks ago, I found this lovely shabby chic beach picture. It was part of a bigger lot at the auction, but it really caught my eye. I loved the chunky wooden frame, quite wide and big comparing to the picture inside it. It was painted in white and distressed, adding to the rustic weathered look. The beach illustration reminded me of Beryl Cook art, as she had very similar style. I do love illustration personally, so that being drawn was an added bonus.

When I got home, photographed the picture and put it online, I didn’t want to keep it in the storage unit. I wanted to display it at home, and it was looking really amazing on my wicker shelf (yes, another auction keep), with the seagull figurine. It added so much beachy, coastal feel to my living room, and I really enjoyed looking at it…

But I knew it will find a new home sooner, or later – by the end of the day, it was still online – and this day came yesterday… Yes, it’s been sold, and I’ve never before felt sorry I sold something… But I was very sad to pack it and send it on it’s way this morning… But c’est la vie! I know I fill the empty space sooner or later…

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