Rustic Country Kitchen – Holiday lettings design

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When you are in the countryside, and pass little cosy cottages, you are mesmerised by their charm. Solid stone walls, wrought iron handles, antique wooden doors and quirky decor… I love these little English cottages, and would love to have one, to furnish in my own rustic style. But once you own this cottage, you want to keep the heritage feel and look, and furnish it with beautifully aged furniture and period accessories.

In my opinion, nothing add as much rustic charm to a country kitchen, as antique copper pans and pots. They do create the old rustic feel, when kept on a display. Hanged over the hob, or put on the kitchen window – and maybe used to keep the herbs and other plants? Here are few ideas how to add rustic feel to your holiday lettings kitchen with few copper pans:

Rustic Country Kitchen

copper pan3

copper dish4


Also rustic wooden furniture, like the Farmhouse Kitchen Chair will add plenty of primitive rustic charm to your kitchen. Stick to bare wood furniture, ideally with rough finish. Wrought iron details, as hooks, and handles will also add a country cottage feel.


rustic kitchen2

farmhouse chair5

egg whisk4

farm hanging4
by Cherrie Hub

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