September Recipe – Anjou Pear Cake

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Pear Cake by Good Food magazine

September is upon us, and although it still feels quite summery and breezy, we want to make the most of the fresh seasonal products and introduce wholesome Autumn dishes to our tables. Today, I thought to try Anjou Pear Cake, recommended by Good Food website, using soft buttery pears, which are now easier to find at this time of year.

First, heat the oven to 180C. Butter and line round cake tin. Put 500g of chopped pears, that have been peeled and cored, into a bowl and sprinkle with lemon juice. Put 75g of plain flour and a teaspoon of baking powder into a seperate bowl. Add pinch of salt and caster sugar.

Vintage Egg Whisk

Beat 2 eggs using our Vintage Egg Whisk for a fluffy, smooth consistence. Add the beaten eggs with 50g melted butter to a flour mixture. Finally fold in the pears with the juices. Poor the mixture into a tin and bake for 50mins. Allow to cool for few minutes and enjoy with a cup of caffee latte and whipped cream on top. Pure bliss…


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