Moroccan Decor – Large Copper Coffee Pitcher

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Antique Copper Turkish Coffee Pot

I love Moroccan interiors. With the brass and copper details, loads of shimmering fabrics, purple and pink cushions and the smells… The incense sticks that penetrate the curtains and furniture, and even if you are just a guest in a Moroccan room, you take the fragrance with you, and you can still smell it in your clothes and hair long after you leave…

Yesterday I’ve been at the auction, and it’s been as good as ever. There’s some things I can never resist buying, and one of them is copper and brass Moroccan decor. From moorish brass trays, to oriental folding tables, or Turkish coffee pots. This one I found, is the biggets I’ve seen, I think it must have been made for a really great gatherings, to keep the coffee coming!

Amazing shape, it is definitely hand crafted, as the joints and the base are joint in a rustic (not smooth) way, and you can see the etching on the lid is not in line, so it is not by the machine, but actually by someone decorating it by hand. Stunning antique copper and brass Turkish Coffee pot, which will compliment so well the Oriental Moroccan inspired interior…

Price: £20.00

Buy this Antique Copper Turkish Coffee Jug now!


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