Barn Conversions – dream projects…

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There’s nothing more rustic, than exposed beams in the ceiling and walls. If you live in the barn conversion, these beams can remind you of the primitive past of the property. I love that, the almost seamless connection with the roots, and is it only me, but I find it unexplainably exciting and kind of sinister, that you actually live in the place previously occupied by farm animals? It is sexy in the way, and I can understand why some people are drawn to this kind of properties…

On another hand, the barn conversions provide enormous space and solid walls, so this is one of added bonuses. In the time when I was looking for new home, I viewed one most magical barn conversion (totally out of my reach, as I only had a chance to view it as my estate agent – bless him – made a mistake). But this property has been on my mind for some time after viewing, and I had a slight home-crush…

But one of the best things about barn conversions, is that they are the perfect canvas for a rustic furniture, distressed chests of drawers, wrought iron lanterns or primitive solid bed frames. You can just play with the decor, and get away with most unusual and extreme pieces of furniture and art if you want. I know that’s what I would do…

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