Living the Coastal Dream…

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You love the coastal style, and even if your home is not on the beach, you want to create this breezy and laid back atmosphere… I adore it too, and whenever I have a chance to buy something for the house (or to buy a new stock for Cherrie Hub) I end up picking rattan furniture, wicker baskets or little wooden carved figurines. This style is so inspiring, and it is becoming more and more in fashion, with people wanting to decorate their homes in a beach style.

So how do you achieve this coastal style at home?

First of all, start with the base, and the most importand part – the furniture! Go for rattan chairs, coffee tables and shelving. When it comes to sofas, opt for cream or beige linen fabrics, or nautical stripes:

Create coastal style create coastal style create beach style with rattan furniture Beach inspired living room

Rattan Bookcase will compliment your coastal decor

Then, add beach inspired home decor, like little lanterns, candles, starfish and plenty of shells! You can also take old mason jars, fill them with a beach sand and shells and use as the candle holders!

Coastal decor


Also don’t forget about the bedroom department! These gorgeous beach inspired bedding sets will make you dream about sailing all night long…

Coastal Bedroom Idea Vintage coastal bedding


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