Aromatic Dried Mushrooms…

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I love dried mushrooms. The wild mushrooms you pick in the forrest, and then dry them at home, in the sunshine (or hang on the lamp, if there’s no sun). They are so aromatic, and can stay in the tin for months and months, without going off, so you can add just a few to a hearty soup or goulash.

My parents are passionate mushroom pickers, and they know plenty of kinds of mushrooms, where to find them, and when is the best time to look for them. Of course, there are seasons, and right now, in September is the main season. It would be even better if it was a rainy weather, but it is rather rude to complaint about the sunshine!

So, as my parents love picking mushrooms, and I love eating them, they are more than happy to supply me with more packs of this aromatic goodness. When the package from Poland arrives, it is the only thing I can smell when opening it. And then when they sit in the cupboard, it is just a heavenly aroma… I absolutely love it, only today I had a mushroom risotto (a packet one, naughty!), to which I added few dried mushrooms – I have soaked them in the hot water for a few minutes beforehand to soften them. They added so much depth and a mushroomy goodness. and it was lovely to chew through them, bliss…


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