Why do we love Laura Ashley?

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Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley has always been on a high street, as long as I can remember. In Bath Spa, the store was situated on a little curved shopping alley, opposite Habitat, and close to Waitrose. So this positioning also represents what Laura Ashley would like to be – a high end luxury brand.

And that’s what we like about Laura Ashley, the brand it sells, and a lifestyle we aspire to. The cosy lifestyle, in the country, driving range rover, wearing super thick tights to knee length skirt and a blazer. Very settled and safe. Happy and well looked after. It’s the lifestyle we all want, and we want to buy a piece of this heaven when we shop at Laura Ashley. Maybe it won’t transport us into a country mansion, but it will make us feel better, and maybe feel the part?

I remember the cardigan I bought at Laura Ashley few years ago, I wanted to buy it to reward myself for a hard work I’ve been doing in the months beforehand. It was something I’ve been waiting for, and it made me feel so special.

The moment when you step into the Laura Ashley store, you are being transported into this world full of velvet cushions, curtain tassels, crystal vases and beautiful comfortable clothing. And the furniture and home decor, I think that’s even more desirable than clothing. Having Laura Ashley wallpaper or a sofa it is a pure luxury. But you are buying a highest quality you can get right now, at a high street prices. Very safe and traditional style, which you know it will never get out of fashion, and will add beautiful style to your home day in day out. That’s why it is the style so cherished by so many people.

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