Coastal Living Room

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I love coastal decor, the weathered furniture that looks like driftwood, white window shutters and twine, lots and lots of it! It is such a creative way to accessorise home, and you can be brave, as anything from very primitive decor to a high end luxury will fit perfectly together. I love the breezy atmosphere of coastal homes, this relaxed, laid back feel. Cornwall is a perfect backdrop for nautical decor, with plenty of beautiful sandy beaches. You can easily recreate this look at home, and especially if you own a holiday home by the sea. Isn’t it a perfect excuse to go really crazy and let your imagination flows without being worried about the practical side of things? You can buy really unusual driftwood coffee table, use paddles as coat hangers and window shutters as a headboard… It would be a dreamy project!

Coastal Living Room Ideas

I love this nautical inspired living room I found online today, and it looks fantastic. The only thing I’d change is the coffee table, I would go for larger Laura Ashley Coffee Table in nautical style to match the shutters!

Laura Ashley Table with a Glass Top

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