Cardigan Inspiration

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Sahhby Chic Rattan Storage Box

Rattan storage box Shabby chic rustic storage box

We get inspiration from various situations. I suppose when you’re an artist or a musician, you can get inspired by a glimpse of light coming between the curtains, or a sound heard in the forest. Yesterday, as I was coming back from the auction, I put my cardigan on top of the shabby chic rustic storage box I just bought. I thought they looked very good together, the winter chunky look of the cardigan complimenting the rustic raw look of the basket. Later that day, when I was taking photos of the new stock I bought, I thought I will use the cardigan with the rattan basket again, as I loved this look. Especially as the sun was very low, and the light was quite toned down. That really complimented the mauve shade of the box, and added to the calm wintery feel of the whole photo. I am very pleased with the effect, and I hope you like it too!

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