How to hide your television cables?

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hide tv cables

We all know it, having beautifully designed living room, with tasteful vintage home decor, only to have hi-fi and tv cables to spoil the look in the background! We cannot live without them (not until someone will design everything wireless!), it’s part of the convenient lifestyle, but how can we hide these ugly cables? When I moved in to my current house (and it’s rented) I had this sound system, where you have to hang little speakers all around the living room – you get the picture – three at the back, two at the front, and all connected by cables to the box under the tv. Yes, at some point I felt like I’m surrounded by cables. My solution was to tape the cables to the corner between the wall and the ceiling with the clear sellotape – it really works, and you cannot really see them right now. And if you have the cables that run from underneath your flat screen tv along your wall, you can hide them using shower rod, if you have some spare in the garage, or any white piping, that can look good on the display. I think this solution is rather smart, and it saves you buying specialist cable disguise from DIY store. Thumbs up from me!

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