Simplicity is King

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Vintage bedroom ideas Art Deco chair

Vintage bedroom ideas Art deco bamboo chair

It is true, that the best ideas are the simplest. It is often the same with the art and design. The simplicity of lines, that speaks volumes and really grabs your full attention. Let’s take Cubism with Picasso, and the simple geometric lines. People really do crave these pieces to disconnect from the busy overloaded lives. It’s the same with the interior design. Why simple lines of Art Deco ruled the minds during ‘Crazy Years’ of 1920s? It was the contrast to the busy lifestyles that really attracted everyone.

This is still true today, when we find the simplicity the most beautiful. Let’s take this Retro Bamboo Chair in Half Moon shape. One curved line makes the back and the arms rests, while legs mirror the same shape, adding symmetric curves. The bold lines are stunning, making this chair a statement piece for any living room. It will also add plenty of decadent charm to a hallway or a patio. Absolutely glamorous and distinctive vintage chair, which anyone will find irresistible…

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