Video: Large Retro Chest of Drawers

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I’ve been playing with videos almost all day today, testing different techniques and services provided. It is tricky to find a decent video making programme, that won’t be watermarking the clips, unless you pay for the service. Me, being me, always look for the ways to create things for free, and I don’t mind spending more time working on a video to get the great effect, instead of paying someone to do it. Although I have to say, some of the paid video editing sites had rather impressive templates… Maybe in the future. Here, I have created just a quick video promoting our new Mid Century Chest of Drawers. I have been inspired by a similar short video promoting single item on one of the websites I’ve seen today. I hope you like it!

Earlier today, I have finished other video, which took me relatively longer time to complete, but it was more complex. I had to research the nautical decor ideas and group them together into 5 different style ideas. You can see this video by clicking the link below:

Video: 5 Ways to Add Nautical Style To your Home

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