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The week magazine

This morning I had a bit more time to catch up on reading my favourite magazine ‘The Week’ while having a breakfast. I love this magazine; it has got the perfect ratio of serious facts mixed with trivial kind of things, brushing on absurd, which happen to everyday people. Even the facts are served in bite sized portions, so it is not a study of the matter, as in other papers, but just digested chunks, to give you an idea what’s going on in the World. At the same time, you know you don’t make the commitment to spend an hour trying to figure out the reason behind the things that are happening right now.

At the same time, their column ‘People’ features well known figures talking about the unknown fact from their past. I still remember reading the feature about Kelsey Grammar from ‘Frasier’ talking about how much a brutal murder of his sister has affected him. She was brutally murdered and he was the one asked to identify the body. It had a profane effect on his life, and the memory still haunts him, and comes back in the most unexpected moments. Glimpse of light, someone’s pose or a heard phrase can trigger the memory. That really moved me…

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