How To Clean and Restore Wood Floors?

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how to clean wooden floors?

If you are lucky enough to have natural wooden floors (or even better – vintage wooden floors), you know how beautiful they can be. And it’s the only flooring material, that actually gains in beauty and value over time – can you resist the natural patination and knocks that appear with time and add that unique aged look? It is a beautiful material, but as with any other natural fabric, it needs an appopriate care to maintain the stunning look and stay in a good shape. Think about it as giving your wood floors a moisturising cream from time to time to keep it looking beautiful!

So let’s start by assesing if your flooring boards need deep cleaning first – if your floor is decades old, there is a chance the grooves hide trapped dirt and there are some discolouration, traffic marks, scratches etc. Below are few steps what to do in this case.

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