Henara Shampoo – My Latest Discovery!

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Henara Shampoo for Blondes

I’ve been dying my hair since the age of 13 – I know, a terribly early start. But I love my hair blonde. Which means that for over 20 years I have been damaging my hair on a regular basis. Not a perfect solution, but until some smart scientist will come up with a hair-colour changing solution, I’m stuck with this treatment. Or so, there could be a solution…

Simply by accident I discovered something rather amazing. I bought a discounted Henara shampoo from my local drug store about a month ago – it was £1 for a bottle! I have noticed the difference in my hair after the first wash, it was nicely moisturised and soft, even without the conditioner. The shampoo itself has a deliciously thick consistence, a jelly like, and is honey gold colour. It has got a special colour enhancing pigment for blonde hair (version for brunettes is available too!).

After few washes, I have noticed that my dark roots, normally showing by then, were masked, and couldn’t see any major difference between my normally dyed blonde hair and the roots. What a discovery! Absolutely astonishing, it means that the colour enhancing in this shampoo really does work, and it can be quite a fantastic alternative to a hair dye. I’m going to stock up online soon – the prices for a single bottle range from £1.50 to £3.00 plus delivery. My local shop hasn’t got this shampoo any more, I think it was the end of the line they discounted.

I am genuinely surprised such a brilliand product is not more highlighted in the press, but then the press and media is filled with expensive ads by major brands. It is such a brilliant product, if you use colour enhancing shampoos already, you should try Henara shampoo – they do a conditioner too – you’ll be very nicely surprised by the quality, and it’s much cheaper then the branded products. I know I will be  using this shampoo now instead of dying my hair!


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