DIY Twine-Ball Light Garland by Pocketful of Dreams

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Twine ball light garland as Christmas rustic home decor

This morning I’ve been searching for DIY twine projects, as I absolutely adore twine. I love using it to decorate around the house. Even if you take an old bottle and wrap a piece of twine around it, it magically transforms into the most sophisticated vintage vase! It definitely fits in very well with the nautical and rustic home decor.

So when browsing online, I came across really fantastic step-by-step tutorial by Pocketful of Dreams. It is a blog full of amazing DIY and craft projects, so really worth checking it out. Apart from stunning photos, which Michelle, the author, supplied and took herself, this tutorial gives you detailed instructions, which are written very well and are easy to follow. The said project on making Twine-ball light garland, is quite complicated on one hand, and a bit messy, but the effect is stunning.

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