Upcycling Inspiration

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Upcycled teak vintage telephone seat

I’ve been browsing the web this morning, and I came across this stunning upcycled telehone seat… I have seen a number of these at the auctions, but never thought of buying it, as first of all, who is using stationary phones these days, and second, it’s not part of our lifestyles. we usually go for cordless phones, which we use wherever we’re in the house, instead of sitting by the phone in the hallway… But this beautifully restored table can be used in number of ways, as a little hall table to lighten your entryway, and work as a bench when you’re putting your shoes on. Or as a little seat by the bay window, little landing feature seat, and so on… I think the best way to furnish your home, is to go for the beautiful things that really grasp your attention, and then find a use for them. That way you will surround yourself with the things that make you happy! I will definitely be on a look out for a telephone seat right now and upcycle it into a hallway bench for my little space under the stairs!

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