Washi Tape by Rustic Vintage Country

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washi tapes DIY Christmas ideas

It looks like I have just discovered a Washi tape… Yes, I’ve heard about it before, yet I never gave it a second thought until today, when I was browsing the internet and came across rather cool crafting blog, run by Suzy – ‘Rustic Vintage Country‘. Suzy also runs Etsy shop with her sewing and craft items, and offers 10% OFF for her readers.

So one of Suzy’s posts really intrigued me – the washi tapes feature. As Suzy says: “Washi Tape is great stuff, it’s like patterned masking tape and can be used again and again for all types of things…..I do have non Christmas themed tape in the shop too. I use it for all sorts of things and it can be re-positioned here, there and everywhere!”

So I went straight to my trusted friend Google and researched the washi tapes ideas… WOW, that’s amazing! I can’t believe I have only discovered it…

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