Mirror Art

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mirror reflection art

I often take photos of mirrors, to put online. It is really tricky to take decent photos, because you have to bear in mind what’s in the reflection! If you tilt yourself and extend your arm, you’ll end up seeing your fingers in the mirror. Or see some mess on the floor that you didn’t spot earlier. I suppose when you have got a Photoshop you can delete these unwanted details from the photo, but I don’t have access to this program. So I need to try my best to control what’s goping to end up in the mirror reflection.

Garden is a very good spot for taking photos of mirrors, the green trees and shrubs are quite decorative and can compliment the picture.

I know that some photographers love working with the mirrors. My friend back in Plymouth was working in fashion photography and she often used mirror shine sunglasses to reflect the geometric fabric she stretched on the set. The effect was stunning, such a simple thing, yet added so much to the final shot.

Today I found the website where people work with mirrors and take stunning photos implementing the reflections. Either outdoors where the reflection shows the horizon in front of the person holding the mirror, which blends in with what’s behind the person, so the effect is as if the person’s middle part disappears into the horizon. Or this simple yet stunning idea above, where the mirror creates the effect of freakish legs. The red hair and the striped tights really add a spooky sinister character, and I absolutely love it 🙂


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