Large Handbag Confessions…

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I love large handbags. When anything and everything can fit in, and you don’t have to carry your stuff in plastic bags. That’s a fantastic invention, a wonderful place where you store your life, notebooks, money, diary, make up, memory stick, tablet, gloves, hat, umbrella and a lunch box. I cannot imagine my life with a small handbag, it seems so unnatural, I mean, how can you leave the house with anything that can honestly only keep your house key? No, that’s just wrong.

But I have to say, with so many wonderful attributes, large handbags have got nasty side too… It is a place where the lipsticks and pens disappear… I cannot count the number of lipsticks I got missing throughout the years, they just dissolve into thin air… It is specially annoying when you find really nice lipstick! Also finding your phone / keys / anything really takes ages in a large handbag. So yes, there is a price to pay when introducing a large handbag to your life!


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