Circus of Horrors – Age Appropriate?

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Circus of Horrors - Age appropriate?

Last night I went to a great Gore show in Exeter, and it was quite a different show. Plenty of nudity, display of body modification, hard-core music, torture scenes and so on. It was really well made show, and I really enjoyed it. I especially loved the the act of two sinister sisters, who did all things together, dressed in white, with white hair and white faces. Deadly serious, with smooth moves, amazing acrobatic skills, all they did was purely sinisters, just because it was two of them, doing all in perfect unity. Even them simply standing on the side of the stage, holding hands, out of the light, was rather freaking, like a pair of identical twins often featuring in the horror movies.

There was also a guest participation in the show, and one guy in particular, became the cast’s favourite, they spoke to him during the show, and he was invited on the stage few times, taking part in a burlesque lap-dance, and also propped into a straight jacket for the final number. I think he deservedly enjoyed the show!

But as I was watching the show, in front of me was a mum with her two sons, which both were about 5-6 year old. The first time there was a topless woman appearing on the stage, she was a bit taken aback and tried jockingly to cover the eyes of her sons – of course they had the time of their life! But there was more nudity as the show progressed, so I suppose there was no way to shield the boys from it. I suspect she knew what this show was about when she was booking the tickets for her and the sons. But for me it was weird sitting there and knowing that all this show is being watched by the innocent eyes of a 5 year old. The kid that age still hasn’t got formed opinion on the World, and takes all as a sponge – not sure if that’s the message about the life I would like to send my son, when I have one.

What is your take on this subject? Do you think a Gore and nudity show is age appropriate for a 5-year old boy? Comment below!

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