Soundtrack to My Day…

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french farmhouse promo

I love working in the evenings. BBC radio 2 is on, playing calm chilled out music. All has got this airy feeling of desertion. Most of the people have probably ditched the radios for their TVs, watching evening movies and shows. So somehow I am able to focus more, as I can feel there’s less of the morning rush, and I can focus thoroughly on more creative tasks.

When I wake up and start working while listening to Chris Evans, his firework personality doesn’t really allow to focus on one task for too long, there’s too much to do, ideally do few things at the same time, just because you feel that you should be rushing around. The energetic music is on, which is meant to wake you up and give a morning boost.

So that’s the perfect time to do things which need a sharp mind. Social media posts are perfect morning tasks, as all has to be short, smart and to the point. That’s ideal, as my brain can work really fast in the morning.

Now, in the evenings it’s a different story. It’s all about slow creative tasks, like writing blogs, research or making promo banners. I think that must be my favourite thing to do, picking up some large images from previous shoots, cropping to appropriate size, finding which cropped bits will work best, and adding text and frames. I love playing with it, making endless changes until I can feel that it’s got an eye-catching effect. Yes, it’s an evening job, where doesn’t matter if you spend 2-3 hours working on one thing, as long as it’s done as you wanted!


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