Super (Fit) Mummy

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super fit mum

I have been reading an article about a stunning 33-year old mum of one girl, who prides herself on her amazing figure, abs, six-pack with no sign of fat and of course the strict regime. It’s the whole lifestyle choice, working out in the gym, very specific diet, no snacking… She looked fantastic, with beautifully shaped bum, belly and thighs. I could never ever tell that she once was pregnant. her belly muscles were so tight, incredible. But one sentence from the article stuck in my mind – that she too has got moments when she wants to sit in front of tv and have a snacking evening, but “it’s all about priorities”… Now, I don’t know if I could ever be able to resist a snacking evening in front of tv – at least once a week – in the name of priorities. I’d rather enjoy the munch fest, and then go for a run in the morning. I am rather slim, but nothing compared to zero-fat-on-my-belly scenario. I think I wouldn’t enjoy my life that much, that any trip to supermarket, food fair, family outing would be restricted by my mind telling me – ‘control yourself, think about your belly!’. I think I’d rather have smaller portion of my favourite food, just to try it, than to completely change my diet to follow regime. What are your thoughts?


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