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Feature Product: Vintage Equestrian Grooming Brush Set

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Feature Product: Vintage Equestrian Grooming Brush Set

I loved photographing this vintage brush set, some products have got natural charm and flair and are naturally photogenic – just like people – did you notice? it was almost impossible to take a bad photo of this set, with it’s stunning features – from weathered look leather case, to deep black (actually very very dark brown) shaped handles, and these gorgeous bristles. I have put it on top of my mango dresser, and the two shades, of the leather and rustic wood, work together perfectly, complimented each other… The cool shade of the mango wood, really accentuated the rustic vintage weathered shade of the leather case, giving amazing results!
The bristle is quite stiff, yet made from the natural bristle, perfect for grooming the horse. Unfortunately the strap and the buckle is missing, yet it all adds to the vintage worn-out look…