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SHOP: Stunning Art Deco Rustic Mantel Clock

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Stunning Art Deco Rustic Mantel Clock Electrical Metal Clock
Stunning Art Deco Rustic Mantel Clock Electrical Metal Clock

 Stunning Art Deco Mantel Clock
Beautifully shaped rustic buttermilk shade metal clock
Lime green face with silver chrome 12 hour display
Paint is chipping off in places adding weathered rustic chic
Full working order, amazing Art Deco clock

Price: £25.00

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Bamboo 2 Seater Sofa – Glam Touch to a Holiday Home

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Art Deco Bamboo 2 Seater Sofa


Bamboo furniture is renowned to be eco-friendly, water resistant with a bit ‘hippie’ touch. I do love the hippie accent, as it reminds me of 1970s laid back lounges, filled with a cigarette smoke and long conversations about the ways of the World (what I was told…). These days, in the new search for an eco-friendly, reclaimed furniture, it is still firmly ‘in-vogue’. Sturdier than oak, water-resistant and as aesthetically pleasing as the most coveted hardwoods, bamboo is a sustainable natural resource and a pioneer material in the movement for eco-friendly furniture. Bamboo grows exceptionally fast and can be harvested for a few years without damage, so you can buy bamboo furniture with an eco-clear conscience.

And with it fitting so well into a rustic, coastal décor, it is a popular choice when furnishing Cornish holiday lettings or a rural retreat. It gives this relaxed, weekend atmosphere to a home, something you would like to see yourself when going on holiday by the sea.


Daro Furniture Bamboo Sofa


This Art Deco inspired Bamboo 2 Seater Sofa, is very glamorous, giving your guests a touch of luxury (which is something they expect on one hand), with it’s solid base, plumpy duck feather cushions and rich glaze frame. But at the same time, it brings this old school, laid back atmosphere of the land with no laptops or mobile phones… perfect choice, and something your guests will thoroughly enjoy!
by Cherrie Hub

Art Deco Gilbert Rohde Chair and Ottoman – Stunning

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Magnificent Art Deco chair and ottoman by Gilbert Rohde. I’m loving the whole minimalism and geometric designs or Art Deco era right now, and when I’ve spotted this stunning Gilbert Rohde design for Herman Miller online, I had to share it, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Art Deco Book Ends Delicate and Magnificent!

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Art Deco Book Ends Delicate and Magnificent!

The moment I’ve spotted these stained glass Art Deco inspired bookends I was hooked on the whole Art Deco style. There’s so much simplicity that grabs your attention, understated beauty, which is not in your face, but you have to dwelve deeper to discover and appreciate it. It is often merged with Art Nouveau, as both trends existed together for few years, before one trend went away and the other one evolved. But if you see the geometric lines, sunrise design, as in these glass book Ends, you can be sure they belong firmly in the Art Deco period. Although these particular bookends are the vintage version of the Art Deco style, it doesn’t mean they lose anything out of the sheer charm and beauty of the period itself. Put them on your oak fire surround, to hold your books in place, right under the sun rays golden Art Deco mirror, and complete the decor with brass colour bed throw, and lime green art deco vase. Enchanting!