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watercolour detail in interior design?


Finding Your People: Forums and Niche Networks

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Very well written post, in today’s era of Google supporting brands it’s more difficult to rank high in search engines, so focusing on niche market is even more important…

The Daily Post

We spend a lot of time discussing ways to use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to grow your blog’s audience. Forums are another effective tool for increasing your readership: these niche social networks are a focused way for bloggers who publish on specific topics to connect, boost their blogs, and find new post inspiration.

Finding your people

Sadly, the needle is not always so easy to find -- but forums and niche communities can go a long way toward shrinking your virtual haystack. "Needle in a Haystack," James Lumb . Sadly, the needle is not always so easy to find — but forums and niche communities can go a long way toward shrinking your online haystack.
Needle in a Haystack,” James Lumb.

Finding people on the internet is the easy part. Finding the people you want to connect with — the people who care about the same things, or share your values — is another matter entirely. Many new bloggers feel alone despite joining a community millions strong, because simply participating doesn’t mean you’re connecting.

There are many ways to ameliorate…

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First Night Design | Marc Zakharovich Chagall (1887 – 1985)

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First Night Design

Marc Chagall's painting of his parents [Wikipedia] Marc Chagall’s painting of his parents [Wikipedia]

The Belarussian-Russian-French artist Marc Chagall died on this day in 1985.

Marc Chagall in Paris, 1921 [Wikipedia] Marc Chagall in Paris, 1921 [Wikipedia]

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”  Good Reads

“What a genius, that Picasso. It is a pity he doesn’t paint.” Good Reads

Take care and keep laughing!


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small is the new big

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Parti* Notes

small is big

Small living has been getting bigger and bigger the last few years. Between slim wallets and the growing interest…and let’s be honest, dire need…to build more sustainably, the mcmansions of the last century seem to be falling out of favor. Can we all say hallelujah? (Any excuse for a little Leonard). When designers and architects are faced with constraints, it allows opportunity for some pretty impressive creativity. Four of this year’s AIA award winners for small projects are featured in FineHomebuilding and include the Fall House, designed by Fougeron Architects, along my very favorite stretch of California coastline. The three bedroom vacation home sits on the land quietly, following the natural curves of the site, and is wrapped in glass to honor the beauty outside. And to add my own bit of love to the story, it is near enough to Esalen to run on over for a quick…

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Perennial Favorites: Choosing the Perfect Blog Name

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most awesome Blog titles in WordPressphere

The Daily Post

In this post, first appearing on The Daily Post in 2012, two bloggers walked us through the ins and outs of successfully choosing a blog name to suit your content. Their insight on the naming process is as spot-on today is it was two years ago.

We discover different types of blogs in our community, from travel to food to parenting, with memorable and clever names. You may notice that a number of blogs on WordPress.com have unique web addresses, or custom domains: instead of mysite.wordpress.com, their address is mysite.com. Bloggers get custom domains for different reasons, but ultimately, it’s a great way to build and solidify your presence across the Internet. You can register a new domain through WordPress.com; you can also use a domain you already own with your WordPress.com site, which is called domain mapping.

A crucial step before purchasing a custom domain is deciding…

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Less is More – the Key Ingredient in Mid Century Interior Design

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Less is More - the Key Ingredient in Mid Century Interior Design

I love everything about this look, from the understated game of shades between the sofa and the cushions, the deep brown teak colour of the mid century chair legs and the table, simple yet powerful floor lamp, and the centre of it all – the sunrays mirror. All in perfect symmetry, perfectly in the middle of the central island in the geometric window, clean lines, no unnecessary clutter, vase which makes a huge impact, less is more… Very impressive design, it makes you want to add more, on one hand, but on the other, you know that more details will spoil the whole look. Absolutely amazing!

Rustic Farmhouse Framed Picture Chicken – painted in Annie Sloan

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Rustic Farmhouse Framed Picture Chicken - painted in Annie Sloan

Rustic Farmhouse Chicken Handpainted Framed Picture
Solid wood frame, painted in shabby chic style using Annie Sloan Buttermilk shade
Dark green / Beige colours, it will look amazing on a cream wall, and will compliment rustic wooden furniture
Hang it in the hallway of your cottage to create rustic countryside atmosphere!

Size: 24.5 x 29.5 cm