Month: December 2014

Frosty Mornings

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This year the Winter is treating us to most sophisticated display of frozen art. The morning frost on the grass is so enchanting… I took willow for a walk to a local park, with the Sun shinning brightly, you could hardly recognize the shapes in front of you. You just saw the long shadows on the crispy froze grass. Winter can be truly magical, even everyday objects, like recycling bags left outdoors look like covered with a silver fairy dust, I start liking this time of year!


Christmas Present Ideas – Wrap with Twine!

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Christmas present ideas - wrap with twine

Twine is a fantastic product. It is deliciously rustic and raw, and it is perfect to add a vintage coastal style at home. But did you know that you can use it to wrap your Christmas gifts too? When I first heard about it, i thought, no, it’s not festive enough to be used for Christmas presents. But I was wrong. It adds so much character and fresh quirky look to your wrapping, either if you use printed paper, or a plain one. You can wrap the twine few times around the gift, creating one thick decorative panel, or use a single strand but add some vintage paper doily underneath!

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Time to enjoy driving!

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I love it how cheap the petrol is these days, it’s so much cheaper than last year, when I compare how much I used to pay. It was a challenge to find a petrol costing £1.25 per littre, as most garages had a price mark in the £1.30 region. But now, every day the prices drop and drop. Anything from £1.13 to £1.15 is a standard. And that’s in Cornwall, the remote part, which means there’s less garages around, so they don’t need to keep their prices dead low to stay competitive. If you go to Plymouth or Exeter, the prices drop even more. And surprisingly even London tends to have cheaper petrol than Cornwall (not fair I know), but that’s how it is. All I can say, I can finally test my engine and see what my baby is capable of on the roads, not worrying about burning the money in petrol. Happy Days!

Large Handbag Confessions…

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I love large handbags. When anything and everything can fit in, and you don’t have to carry your stuff in plastic bags. That’s a fantastic invention, a wonderful place where you store your life, notebooks, money, diary, make up, memory stick, tablet, gloves, hat, umbrella and a lunch box. I cannot imagine my life with a small handbag, it seems so unnatural, I mean, how can you leave the house with anything that can honestly only keep your house key? No, that’s just wrong.

But I have to say, with so many wonderful attributes, large handbags have got nasty side too… It is a place where the lipsticks and pens disappear… I cannot count the number of lipsticks I got missing throughout the years, they just dissolve into thin air… It is specially annoying when you find really nice lipstick! Also finding your phone / keys / anything really takes ages in a large handbag. So yes, there is a price to pay when introducing a large handbag to your life!

DIY Christmas Gift Tags

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Vintage Christmas Present Tags

I really love the process of wrapping Christmas presents. Coming up with some unusual ways to put a ribbon or a bow, and things to write on the gift tag. Few years ago i discovered how impressive a simple brown paper and bit of twine look like when used to wrap the Christmas gift, so vintage and rustic, and very sophisticated.

If you are giving vintage home decor as a Christmas present this year, the vintage style packaging will be the most fitting! The simpler the better, just an ivory or grey paper, either plain or with a delicate geometric print would look very impressive.

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SHOP: Novelty Industrial Rooster Wine Bottle Holder

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Industrial rooster wine bottle holder

Novelty Farmhouse Rooster Wine Bottle Holder
Metal & Copper Rooster with a tail and a head cover
Industrial style rooster wine bottle stand
Add interest to your table with this Rooster Wine Holder!
Perfect way to display your home made wine at Christmas!

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